BACK TO THE FUTURE: Escape The 80s

Evil genius Dr Nogood has invented a time machine with a dastardly plan to travel through time changing the course of history for the worse!

You and Brains were so close to bringing him down when a scuffle at Nogood’s lair caused the time machine to activate and now you and your team are stuck back in the 1980s in Nogood’s teenage bedroom…

Can you and your team outsmart the teenage Nogood’s elaborate security puzzles, untangle the clues from his past and reprogramme the time machine to get yourselves back to the future before it’s too late?

You have only 60 minutes before the space time continuum will be altered forever and you will be trapped in the past forced to watch all of Nogood’s evil plans come to life.

Note: This room contains flashing lights and images
Players under 16 years of age must be accompanied by one supervising adult (over 18) per team. 

jungle jailbreak.jpg


On a secret mission deep in the South American Jungle you and your team have been taken captive by a band of ruthless mercenaries, loyal to your enemies and fierce opponents of the Agency and everything you stand for.   


From your tiny campsite cell you hear yelling, someone has breached their security boundary, as the soldiers of fortune flee the camp to deal with the intruders you must seize your opportunity!


You have just  60 minutes before they return to make your escape from the cell, outsmart their security measures and find a way to contact Agent Brains to activate the emergency extraction protocol, your life depends on it! 

NOTE: In order to maintain social distancing in this room, between the dates of 17.05.21 and 21.06.21, please only book this game for a maximum of 4 players from different households, or up to 6 players from 2 household bubbles.  Thank you!

Players under 16 years of age must be accompanied by one supervising adult (over 18) per team. 



A crazed bio-chemist, the evil Dr Nogood, has a dark and dastardly plan to unleash a deadly poisonous toxin into the water supply of Letchworth Garden City.

Agent Brains has received reliable intel that Nogood’s secret lab is right here in the heart of the town at 26 Leys Avenue and has sent you and your team to investigate. 
Brains plans to stall the evil Doctor but the poison is set to enter the general water supply in just 60 minutes! 

Can you and your team crack his codes, decipher the clues and solve the riddles to prevent this catastrophe before the whole of the town is wiped out?  

The whole town of Letchworth Garden City is counting on you!  

Note: This room contains flashing lights
Players under 16 years of age must be accompanied by one supervising adult (over 18) per team.