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Can you Escape?

Welcome to Agent Brains Escape Games

Are you ready for an Unique & Immersive Adventure?

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We are 5 Star Rated

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What is an
Escape Game?

And am I really locked in?

An escape game is a live action game where players work together to find clues, solve puzzles and accomplish tasks in order to successfully complete their mission within 60 minutes.


Each game has its own theme and story line and all the puzzles and tasks within that room are woven into the story taking you on an exciting and immersive hour long journey.


At Agent Brains Escape Games all our escape games are extremely safe - once you enter a game you are free to leave the room, for whatever reason, whenever you like, using the exit buttons located in each room. 

But!.... we guarantee you won't want to leave, you'll be having too much fun using your smarts to solve all the puzzles, navigate the story and ultimately beat the game, save the world and make your heroic escape before your 60 minutes runs out! 

Can you Escape?

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Suitable for ages 10+ (selected games only)

Please see game details for minimum ages.

All teams with children under the age of 16 are required to have a supervising adult
(over 18) with them in the playing team.


Visit our FAQs for answers to the most common questions about Agent Brains Escape Games...


Our Games

Our Games

We currently have FIVE immersive and interactive adventures available at our two locations in Letchworth Garden City with a sixth opening before the end of 2024...

Games at AB1

Escape the 80s

Back to the Future: Escape The 80s

Evil genius and Brains's long time nemesis Dr Nogood has invented a time machine with a dastardly plan to travel through time changing the course of history for the worse!

It's up to you and your team to stop his evil plans and escape the 80s before you're stuck in the past forever!

Minimum age: 10+

Jungle Jailbreak

Jungle Jailbreak

On a secret mission deep in the South American Jungle you and your team have been taken captive by a band of ruthless mercenaries, loyal to your enemies and fierce opponents of the Agency and everything you stand for.   

You have 60 mins to escape your jungle cell and call The Agency for an emergency extraction - your life depends on it!

Minimum age: 12+

The Lab

The Lab: Something In The Water

A crazed bio-chemist, the evil Dr Nogood, has a dark and dastardly plan to unleash a deadly poisonous toxin into the water supply of Letchworth Garden City.

Can you and your team crack his codes, decipher the clues and solve the riddles to prevent this catastrophe before the whole of the town is wiped out?  

Minimum age: 10+

Games at AB2

Mobbery copy.jpg


The dastardly Dr Nogood has been running an underground gambling den in the centre of Letchworth.  Inside there is a secret vault where he and his gang of thieves have been storing all their ill gotten gains and your team has been chosen to recover the stolen items.  At 60 minutes the vault will fill with poisonous gas and that will be the end of you and the mission.  Can you get in, get as much as you can and get out as close to 60 minutes as possible?

Minimum age: 13+

escape the knight small.jpg

Escape The Knight

There have been reports of strange goings on in a mystical old castle on the outskirts of town.  While investigating, you and your team find yourselves held captive in the castle dungeon. Legend has it that anyone still in the castle at midnight will never see the light of day again! You just heard the old grandfather clock strike 11pm, so now is your last chance, you have only 60 minutes to escape the dungeon and get out to safety before it's too late...Can you Escape The Knight?

Minimum age: 13+ 



Address: AB1

26 Leys Avenue

Letchworth Garden City



Games at AB1

- Back to the Future, Escape the 80's

- Jungle Jailbreak

-The Lab, Something in the Water 

Opening Hours:

MONDAY: 9.30AM - 9.30PM

TUESDAY: 9.30AM - 9.30PM

WEDNESDAY: 9.30AM - 9.30PM

THURSDAY: 9.30AM - 9.30PM

FRIDAY:  9.30AM - 9.30PM

SATURDAY: 9.30AM - 9.30PM

SUNDAY: 9.30AM - 9.30PM


Address: AB2

43 Station Road

Letchworth Garden City



Games at AB2

- Mobbery

- Escape The Knight


01462 539 763


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