Here you will find answers to the most common questions we are asked about our Escape Games...

If you don't see what you are looking for please contact us

How do I book?

Bookings can be made online through our website where you will be able to see the different timeslots available on any given day. If it's less than 24 hours before you want to play and you're in the area looking to squeeze in an escape game adventure please call us on 01462 539 763 and we can let you know any free slots there and then.

How many players can play?

All our rooms are designed for a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6. All our games are private games, we do not join teams together. You will be playing only with your group. All players (adults or children) pay the same price per person. Teams with players under 16 years of age must contain one supervising adult (over 18) in the team.

Is there an age limit?

Whilst our games are not designed specifically for children and some of the puzzles may be tricky and confusing for the younger ones, our games are family friendly and suitable for ages 10+ to 100+ Teams with players under 16 years of age must contain one supervising adult (over 18) in the team. All players (adults & children) pay the same cost per person regardless of age.

I'm pregnant is it safe to play?

Yes, all our rooms are safe to play. There is always a place within each room to sit down if needed within the game and you are free to leave the room at any time for any reason.

Are your games accessible for those with disabilities?

Our venue and 'The Lab' escape game are fully wheelchair accessible, 'Escape the 80s' and 'Jungle Jailbreak' are partially wheelchair accessible meaning that some smaller areas within these games may not be accessible for all, please contact us and we can discuss specific room details with you. We do have wheelchair accessible bathroom facilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01462 539 763 or email with any specific questions.

Are your games scary?

No. We have designed all our games to be family friendly, but beware! this does not mean that they are easy! it just means there will be no jump scares, live actors or spookiness.

How long does the game last?

You have 60 minutes to complete your mission, plus a safety briefing before and a de-briefing and photo op afterwards. We suggest you allow a total of 80-90 minutes for your experience.

When should we arrive?

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your game time.

Can I bring my pet?

Sadly no pets (with the exception of guide dogs) are allowed in any of the games.

I'm travelling by car, where should I park?

There are many places to park in Letchworth Garden City. There are a number of car parks (majority are free after 6pm) and depending upon the time of day there is also free on-street parking nearby too. The nearest car parks are: Letchworth Town Hall Car Park - SG6 3BX (0.2 miles) Letchworth Garden City Train Station - SG6 3AN (0.1 mile) Hillshot Car Park - SG6 1RY (0.2 miles) Garden Square Multi-Storey Car Park SG6 3JF (0.3 miles)

How do we find you?

We are at 26 Ley Avenue in Letchworth Garden City. Postcode is SG6 3EW. We are right in the main shopping centre area of the town, less than 5 mins walk (0.1 miles) from the train station.

Can we add more players on the day?

As long as your entire team is 6 or less then yes, this is no problem. We can add another player when you arrive and you can pay at the venue.

Can we hide gifts in your escape rooms for special occasions?

Yes, absolutely, and how cool would that be! Contact us ahead of time so we can discuss all the details.

Can we bring food and drink into the rooms?

Sorry, no food allowed. You are free to take water with you into the rooms.

Can I buy Gift Vouchers?

Absolutely and what a great gifter you would be! Please visit our gift vouchers page for all the options. All vouchers are valid 12 months from date of purchase.

Can we hire the whole venue?

Yes, this can be arranged. Please contact us to discuss rates and availability.

What if I booked the wrong date/time?

Firstly, don't panic! Please give us a call on 01462 539 763 as soon as you realise and we will help you from there.

How do I cancel/reschedule a booking?

Please see our terms & conditions for full details of our cancellation policy.

Can kids play unaccompanied?

For teams containing children aged 16 or under we require the supervision of 1 adult (over 18) in the playing team.

What should I wear?

Whatever you like! Coming straight from the office, or on a night out, even in fancy dress! Just wear whatever you feel comfortable in* *We are a family friendly venue so please bear this in mind (no birthday suits or anything considered offensive)

Are there places to eat/drink nearby?

We are right in the heart of Letchworth Garden City close to lots of great places to grab a bite to eat and a coffee (or a cocktail!)

I'm running late, what can I do?

As we are a live immersive experience with a fixed start time (like the cinema or theatre) we cannot allow delays that are more than 10 minutes past the start time of your game. If you are running late or can no longer attend for whatever reason please call us on 01462 539 763 and we will do our very best to try and accommodate you.

Do you have any tips for a successful escape?

We love to play escape rooms ourselves and our main tips for making a successful escape are; 1. Communicate with your teammates - Shout out what you see, what you find, what types of codes you need. 2. Divide and Conquer - Don't all crowd round one puzzle, split up, work on different things, all the while communicating what you are doing and what puzzles you have completed. 3. Search, search and search some more - When you think you have checked everything and everywhere, check again. There's normally something you haven't spotted first time. Let others check things, sometimes it just needs a pair of fresh eyes. 4. Listen to the little ones - Children so often see things we adults miss. Listen to their ideas, they are often on the right track. 5. Play to your strengths - each team member brings something different to the game, try to use everyone's individual strengths at the right times on the right puzzles. 6. Finally, and above all else, HAVE FUN! Even if your team don't manage to escape, make sure you all had a really good time trying :)

Are your games unique?

Most certainly! We design all our own adventures and do not sell them to other escape rooms. You are guaranteed a completely unique and fun experience!

How much does it cost?

All players (adults & children) pay the same cost per person. We have PEAK and OFF-PEAK hours for games. PEAK Hours are: Monday to Friday for games starting AFTER 3.45pm Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays all day. OFF-PEAK Hours: Monday to Friday for games starting before 3.45pm Our Prices are as follows; PEAK PRICES 2 players £30 per person per game 3 players £26 per person per game 4 players £24 per person per game 5 players £22 per person per game 6 players £20 per person per game OFF-PEAK PRICES 2 players £28 per person per game 3 players £24 per person per game 4 players £22 per person per game 5 players £20 per person per game 6 players £18 per person per game

What are your PEAK and OFF-PEAK times?

PEAK TIMES: Monday to Friday all games starting at 3.45pm or later Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays ALL DAY OFF-PEAK TIMES: Monday to Friday all games starting before 3.45pm

What is your COVID-19 Policy

Please read our COVID-19 Statement to see how we are keeping everyone safe whilst on our premises.